About Us

The work of our architectural studio is rooted in our interest in cities as urban, cultural and historical phenomena. This is accompanied by our desire to design large and ambitious construction projects. Our work focuses on projects within a municipal context and which blend in and integrate appropriately with the existing urban environment and fabric. This is the reason we love to tackle the historical, contrasting the old with the new, thereby taking into consideration those interventions that are deemed necessary or desirable. A city and the buildings that create and form it are therefore the main elements that direct the work of our architectural studio in terms of design.

The studio has operated in its current form since 2008, with the core of the project team having remained unchanged for almost 30 years. At present, we employ approximately 30 people in two studios, one each in Brno and Prague. Over the lifetime of the studio, we have prepared project documentation for construction projects worth many billions of Czech crowns. The range of our projects includes new buildings and building complexes – often typologically and technologically demanding and large in terms of both investment and scale – reconstructions, conversions and various types of urban plans.

The diversity and the different size of the projects we have tackled gives us the advantage of being able to cover all aspects of the design process. Our wealth of experience gained from a variety of fields of design and the construction of buildings of different scales and types, as well as from conceptual urban design for municipalities, is therefore reflected in their realization.

Current team

Rastislav Balog, Miroslava Blechová, Richard Čech, Kateřina Eiermannová, Jan Foltýnek, Daniel Gášek, Jakub Hanžl, Martina Holá, Marek Jedlinský, Karolína Jiroušková, Miroslav Juren, Marián Kleiman, Evzen Krasnikov, Pavel Mahovský, Petr Pelčák, Veronika Pelčáková, Erik Petrus, Hana Púčeková, Michaela Rigová, Václav Slíva, Dominik Socha, Jan Sochor, Jiří Španiller, Petr Talanda, Klára Janečková, Petr Uhrín, David Vahala, Dita Vávrová, and a permanent group of Master’s degree students.