About Us

Pelčák a Partner architekti is an independent architecture studio. It was founded in the year 2008 by Petr Pelčák who worked at and co-managed Architekti Hrůša & Pelčák for the previous 15 years and who worked as a professor at the Faculty of Architecture of Brno Technical University from 2008–2016. Although the studio has a direct link with the academic sphere, its professionalism and know-how involved in their work stems first and foremost from their more than twenty years of cooperation with the core of the team and the long-term and tried and tested employees in the particular professions, that is a stable sub-supply system of specialists. The 30 member design team is made up of architectural and construction-design groups led by the partners in the society with their more than thirty years of experience in the discipline.

The work portfolio consists of a wide spectrum of areas from city-planning to interiors including reconstruction work. The studio has the most experience with designs and realizations of collections of civic, administrative and residential buildings. The studio completely prepares all of the stages in the construction project from the initial conceptual preparation, to the particular design phases up to the realization documentation and the execution of the architect’s supervision, including civil engineering activities.

Current team

Rastislav Balog, Miroslava Blechová, Jakub Czapek, Pavel Dvořák, Kateřina Eiermannová, Jan Foltýnek, Jana Galíková, Daniel Gášek, Jakub Hanžl, Martina Holá, Marek Jedlinský, Miroslav Juren, Petra Lálová, Pavel Mahovský, Martina Mikócziová, Filip Musálek, Petr Pelčák, Veronika Pelčáková, Eva Pinďáková, Kateřina Průchová, Michaela Rigová, Jan Rolinc, Jan Sochor, Petr Talanda, Petr Uhrín, David Vahala, Tereza Vajbarová, Joanna Wodnicka, Miroslava Zadražilová and a permanent group of Master’s degree students